Printing House Complex

Hayrat Publication printing facilities are based on an area which is 14000m2 in Isparta. The facilities print onto paper in varying size and weight ranging from 40gr to 300gr. The facilities have all the equipment needed for a qualified and reliable printing.
The first class papers chosen carefully and brought from different countries of the world are printed in the six colour print machines, and pass into the upkeep and breaking units in the facilities of Hayrat Publication. They pass through the coherent moves of the blending machine and go to sewing and drying units.


After passing through gilding they are left to drying. They come together with covers which in the meantime modify into their last form passing through cutting, covering, gilding and frequency machines and getting sewed. Finally they reach to the packaging unit.
Getting into the Hayrat Publication facilities these papers meet with Ahmed Husrev script and are carried into our life as Mushaf Al Sharifs (blessed copies) through the hands of specialist teams.
The working team of the printing house is comprised of members who are highly respectful to the Qur’an. They work with a team spirit inspired by brotherhood and specialism in their work. They are adequately conscious to work with wudhu at all times during work hours. Since working in this printing house means to serve the Qur’an respectfully and sensitively, all necessary precautions are taken to make sure that the Qur’an being kindly treated during the process.


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